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Hi, my name is Candice, I would like to take a minute or two of your time to tell you about myself and yourvirtualassistant.co.za

As many of us would know Covid-19 took no prisoners since the pandemic started in 2020. As a single working mom of two, I was also hit tremendously, with retrenchment and financial hardship. I was confronted with a choice, fight or flight. At that moment "Your Virtual Assistant" was born and the rest is history. It became very clear to me that with companies retrenching the existing workforce had to do more with less. There is a need for dynamic virtual personal assistants to pick up the slack of the already overworked workforce.

That is where Yourvirtualassistant.co.za enters. My personal skill set and self-motivation drove me to effectively package reliability, resourcefulness, time management, administrative skills, accounting skills and coordinating skills into a premium value add offering.

It is no secret that we all would love to spend time doing only the things we love, your virtual assistant makes that possible for you, all the while still doing more with less.

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